Coming in May 2014

Here is a peek at my new book coming in May.

They were both calculating people.

Each using the other to get what they wanted.

But what happens when they want each other . . . will one be willing to give to the other?


Broke Hammond crossed the Atlantic determined to make a success of the Louisiana plantation she inherited.  Only one obstacle stands in her way–a devilishly charming, infernally arrogant obstacle named Travis Montgomery, co-owner of her estate.  If Travis marries and produces an heir within the year, Moss Grove will be his–unless he marries Brooke.  Seducing Travis and then sending him on his way should be simple, but the searing desire Brooke feels in his presence presents an unexpected complication …

Travis took his father’s dilapidated estate and turned it into a profitable enterprise, and no woman is going to claim it from him.  So begins a contest of wits and will, where temptation and torrid kisses are the weapons of choice, and surrender the ultimate prize.  But for two worthy opponents, winning the battle may mean losing everything that matters…